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It feels like starting over

Breakfast was a French Toast Scramble– I doubled it, and admittedly slacked on adding any of the extra flavorings cause I stuck it in a


almost empty pb jar (there was 1T of pb in there, for the record). It was the Stop & Shop brand All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (which is a halfway-decent dupe for the Teddie All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter I found when I was on vacation in New Hampshire, and which I sadly realized they do not stock in the Garden State. There was no picture, because I may have eaten this on the way to work while listening to the second to last CD for my National Counselor Exam Review. Not the brightest idea, I know, but something’s gotta give.

I admit, I read tons of Healthy Living Blogs. And while my Pinterest boards have been rather quiet lately, I’m really into Instagram as a new venue to get ideas and recipes. I follow a few really inspiring people (saraherose3, pbeechie, amandamclark, kmcwold, angelamccafferty).

So in trying to work this out and figure out where I went wrong, I also want to figure out what I did right. So many times, I think it’s so easy to fall into the “I’m a failure, so why stop now” sort of deal. I always find, when counseling people, a really good question is always, “So, how’s that been working for you?” Because if you’re making the same mistakes over and over and nothing’s changing- the answer is- probably not very well.

So I’m trying to zero in on what I did right last year:

  1. Made breakfast every day. And took a picture to send to BFF. (This is kind of my motivation for venturing back into the world of blogging. I’ve never been one to stick with anything, but I think I really need this accountability- whether it be to BFF or the one or two people that happen across this blog). 
  2. Put thought into lunch planning. Figured out calories and didn’t pack any extras. I’m all about cute bento style lunches- I just have to plan ahead.
  3. Ate tons of fruit and veggies. I still do this now, but this was a big help.
  4. (Kind of connected to #3) Ate lots of salads.
  5. Fell in love with oatmeal. I thought it all tasted like wallpaper paste. I was wrong.
  6. I was honest and asked for help/ support when I needed it. I haven’t done this lately. Ironically, it’s kind of a by-product of being successful. It’s hard to lose a third of who you are and then struggle to admit you’re having a hard time when everyone is asking you for advice.
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