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Food and busy days

I didn’t mention it this morning, but I totally stuck to my plan last night and did my food prep last night for today. Stick with me, it’s a bit eclectic.



In the morning, it gets all thick and amazing.

Before chilling out for the evening

Before chilling out for the evening

Overnight oats(1/3 cup rolled oats, 1t chia seeds, 4 oz plain Chobani, 4 oz almond milk, a few drops vanilla flavored stevia). Today’s bowl (well tupperware- I’m not super fancy) also had 50 blueberries (I count, what can I say?) and 5 strawberries, sliced. Stick it in the fridge overnight, then you get what’s on the right.

I love overnight oats mostly cause it’s a super dense food (I have a thing for densely textured food- it always seems so much more satisfying). It’s not overly sweet (cause I use plain Chobani- but flavored works well too) and adding in lots of fruit bulks it up. I like to stay around 300 calories for breakfast, but sometimes it’s closer to 400 depending on the day. I actually usually add in another splash of almond milk if it’s too thick in the morning, but it just depends. the chia helps thicken it, but if you’re not a chia lover, it’s totally optional.



I also added a bit of “spreadable fruit” on top- cherry blueberry. This stuff is pretty amazing. I found it in a

  King’s Supermarket (which I didn’t realize are super-local to New Jersey) and it was definitely more than $10, but I rationalized it by it’s size and that it’ll last awhile. It’s made by Sarabeth’s in New York City, which I admittedly hadn’t heard of before I googled that link about 10 seconds ago. And in doing so may have spent 10 minutes gawking at their menu (this is just brunch).  Maybe if I ever have a classy occasion to have brunch in the city, I’ll go there. Unlikely, but now I know where to go!

But you can spot the preserves (big chunks of fruit) and the additional milk in this photo on the right. Such a refreshing/filling breakfast.


IMG_3724Definitely have gotten some weird looks for the jars. Haha. I think I need to work on making it look cuter in the jar. That may make it more socially acceptable. Because it does look a bit weird. Not that that bothers me in the slightest, it just requires some explanation.

So in this jar was 3 oz broccoli slaw (this is such a good vegetable base for things- I use it like I would have used rice or pasta as a base before), .5 oz fat free feta and 2 crumbled Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lovers Burgers. These are good. Really good. They were on sale/special at Target last week and they were such a good find. I’m always sucked into the word “sale”.

I also had a Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar as part of lunch/snack. Probably the best bar ever, and amazing macros. You can bake them and microwave them and make them into cookies. So much better than real cookies and with 190 cals and 21 grams of protein it’s a really good option.



Today was a long day, between work and then tutoring. And I brought my gym clothes with me, but I knew

I was going to be too

exhausted to go to the gym at 8pm without having eaten, so I went for a quick run/walk after tutoring. There’s a really pretty small park along my route from tutoring to school, so it was incredibly convenient.IMG_3729


But note to self, don’t drink so much water in the afternoon before you tutor and then try to run. Definitely doesn’t make running easier when you have to pee. Only made a loop before I ran out of time (as in I had to run back to school for a meeting). Managed to burn 145 calories in 17 mins though.

After my meeting I finally came back home and threw together dinner.

My go-to dinner is either a stir-fry or an omelet. They’re both super simple and have lots of protein and veggies which I try to load up on. I had a fair bit of calories left, so I went for a really big veggie frittata (my uncle and I literally had the frittata/omelet debate last sunday). It had a whole green pepper, a small zucchini (grated) and 3 oz broccoli slaw.

I sauteed that all together and then added egg whites (from a carton- I’m easy), .25 cup 2% shredded cheddar cheese and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb.

On the side I had a sweet potato with 2T peanut butter (I may have used a spoon- but measured it in grams on my scale so all’s good), IMG_3735cinnamon and a bit of sugar free syrup. It was dessert and a side dish all in one.

And one of the ladies at work said I was  looking good and “slimming down nicely”. Admittedly I’veIMG_3737 lost a fair bit of weight since I started there, so I’m okay with people noticing. I used to not be, but that’s for another day. It’s late and I have a conference early in the morning, and an event till late. So long day ahead, requiring lots of coffee.

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