Why Kabocha?

So until perhaps about six months ago I had never heard of Kabocha. My BFF turned me onto reading Stuftmama’s blog and she eats a whole lot of squash. So when BFF came to stay with me in December of 2012, we hunted down some of this infamous squash. Fortunately the Garden State has a large number of Asian grocery stores (it’s also known as Japanese pumpkin)  and this wasn’t too difficult a task. So we tried it. And it was pretty fantastic. We roasted it. And ate large amounts of it. And so for the last few months I’ve consumed a whole lot of squash, which is quite funny because for the longest time I thought I hated squash (still not too fond of acorn, but working on it…) BFF and I even made it onto Stuftmama’s blog (I emailed her to share our adventures- she is one of the nicest people ever, btw!). And so when I was looking for something to name this little thing, that absurdly named Japanese pumpkin  popped in my head.

And why yes, I realize it’s not an exact rhyme, but isn’t it fun to say?


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