a Lazy Weekend

I’m a very busy person. And while I like that, sometimes I just need to catch up in other areas of my life. Sometimes it’s friendships, other times it’s exercise, sometimes it’s just finding time to actually do homework.

This weekend was a bit of all of that, sans exercise. I didn’t work out at all. And while I know I should have found a way to work that in, I had to prioritize catching up on sleep and homework first. While I know it’s not ideal to do that all the time, it’s not healthy in the long term to run yourself ragged.

Staying within my calorie ranges (with one exception that I’ll explain in a bit) and all that jazz, but I just needed some time to focus on other stuff for a bit. I graduate in exactly a month from today, so I needed to send out some job applications and finish some of my final coursework for my degree. I had to make some edits to my final portfolio which I had been avoiding for ages, and when I actually sat down to do it today, it took me like an hour.

Work is going to be super busy tomorrow, as I’m running a workshop in the afternoon. I made myself a cute snack though. Picture will come in the morning. I decided to skip on lunch prep and treat myself to the salad bar at work tomorrow. Who thought a university cafeteria salad bar would be a treat? All about the little things…

I also got to skype with one of my really good friends today- all the way in England. I love technology. I’m hoping to see her in person, soon, but more about that on another day. As a bit of background, I have a lot of overseas friends because of my 15 years spent at summer camp where nearly all the staff is international. But I’ve met so many good people that way (including BFF).

So hopping around, my one caloric exception to staying on target was last night’s dinner. We went out, and I’m always really good about researching the menu ahead of time. Well I didn’t have time to last night, and ended up with a 1,360 calorie mistake. Damn you Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos. To be fair, I got the sauce on the side, and no cheese, so I’d like to think that chopped a fair bit off, but whoa how do you even fit that many calories into that? It’s not the end of the world, but it’s rough. I was still under 2000 calories yesterday (which is still under my BMR) so again, not a mindless out of control binge or anything like that, but it just sucks being sideswiped like that. And it’s just a reminder to always to research ahead of time. I literally always do, but figures. But again, that is my fault and just a realization that dining out can be dangerous- calorically speaking.

Anyways, that’s all for this evening (sorry no photos of the day), but cute snack and potentially awesome salad bar photos tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “a Lazy Weekend

  1. Christina says:

    That’s a good point about not running yourself ragged. And school has been one of my biggest challenges in this process too. There’s just so much work in grad school and of course that’s the priority for so it can be hard to balance. But even just giving so much thought to our health actions even if they’re not exactly on target is great 🙂

  2. gretchen says:

    I’ve studied Counseling, and the profession is big on the concept of “self-care” and rightfully so, because if you’re not okay you can’t even start to help those around you. And I think so many times people put so many things before their own well-being that it’s hard to realize in the long run, that’s not always the smartest choice because it’s not sustainable.

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